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Create and share online forms, receive email alerts, and get your team involved to manage your data—it's easier done than said with XociaForms.


Collect information from anyone, anywhere. Then organize, analyze and put it to use–all within XociaForms.

Start creating your online Arabic forms for free

XociaForms is a multi-lingual, online, mobile friendly, simple, cost effective, and efficient form builder suitable for individuals and businesses of all sizes and types.  It enables customers to build powerful online forms that get responses and send them directly to them.  It also has Analysis and reporting features that allow our customers to review and analyze collected information.



XociaForms had the features you love

Ours form bulider gives you an awrd-wining interface , easy customization , galleries template and reprting!.

XociaForms has a simple and easy to manage powerful form builder that requires no training to start creating online forms.
Readily Available Templates
XociaForms is rich with readily available templates that enables you to build contact forms, registration forms, order forms, and other types of forms in seconds
Share and Embed
Share your forms as standalone links, or embed them directly onto your website.
Mobile Friendly
Response design allow your forms to look great at Any mobile phone, any tablet, any computer – so you only need to build it once and it can be viewed on all available devices..
Competitive Prices Models
Individuals and businesses can experience our multi-lingual form builder for free, then our fixable pricing models helps customers get best prices that fits their needs
Conditional Logic
Control what fields people see and when they see them with our easy-to-use logic builder



Engagement made easy with powerful features

Basic or advanced, we have all the features you need to quickly create powerful online forms.

Process Automation
Data Encryption
Web-based Editors
Business Logic
Fully Configurable
Reports & Statistics
Share & Publish



Easily Collect the information you need
Minimal effort to achieve desired results
Higher completion rate when compared to other online forms
Human focused design that increases customers satisfaction