is an all-in-one solution for meetings, compliance, and decision management

Support the establishment and composition of various committees to facilitate the management of their meetings

XociaEngage is your team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet to achieve great things.

XociaEngage Is an online system aims to organize, facilitate and guide committees work and make it more efficient and effective, through providing set of interactive tools to manage the committees’ workflow from creation till submission of gained insights



Enjoy a comprehensive set of tools through the use of our committee management system.

Committee Life Cycle Management
XociaEnagae is design around timeline which includes a set of milestones. This includes managing information, representative selection collaboration, co-working, content development and reviews & approvals
Each committee has its own document repository, to make it easy for the involved users accessing the needed files in no time, this repository also has sorting, filtering, and tagging functionalities for the ease of use
Knowledge Hub
XociaEngage provides scalable, dynamic knowledge hub that integrates with entities knowledge center, which make acquiring right information and reach needed files and document easy and fast
Profile Management
Manage employees’ profiles (general information, skills, roles, involved committees, etc.…)
Live Chat
System users can chat with each other’s through the chatting feature provided by the portal, having these channels will enhance communication and collaboration to increase users’ productivity.
High level of security for documents and information, with management of the users who can view the documents and information.