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Arabic multi-channel Online Helpdesk

XociaDesk is a multi-lingual, web live chat, mobile friendly, simple, and efficient online helpdesk software suitable for businesses of all sizes and types.  It enables helpdesk agents to answer web customer inquiries through text, audio, video chatting sessions.  It also has Analysis and reporting features that allow admins to monitor and control helpdesk agents KPIs.



Help Desk Software Your Team Can Rely On

Quick Adoption
XociaDesk has a simple and easy to learn screen and action that requires zero training to enable your agents to use.
Fast Service Commissioning
By simple adding one script line to your website, then the organization is ready to provide your website customers with online support
Work Remotely
XociaDesk enables agents to receive customer chat session remotely from any available device. This would allow the organization to expand its customer service team without the overhead of availing office space and tools.
On-primes and Cloud Service models
Small to medium support teams, organizations would find our XociaDesk Software as a service more convenient and cost effective. Organizations with huge number of customer support agents, multiple website, and with customization and integration requirements, the XociaDesk on-primes version will provide to be
Disability Friendly Service
With video chatting, an organization can provide sign-Language customer support



Text, Audio and Video Chatting
Analysis & Reporting
Desktop & Mobile Accessibility
Call Twinning and Routing
Customizable Widget
Video Recording
Interactive indicators and real time monitoring
Top Chat Security
Live Chat Ratings



Make your Customers happy

Website Conversion
Customers are 3X more likely to interact with a website when you reach out with a proactive chat.
Instant Customer Feedback
Get instant customer feedback when you send a response.
Customer Satisfaction
Gauge how customers feel about your support using customer satisfaction reports.
Reduced Operational Costs
One XociaDesk agent talks with 10 times more people than a phone agent.