Xocialive Plugin For Sarf

Xocialive built a highly flexible Plugin that supports various payroll systems adaptors and built custom adaptors where required for each governmental agency to be on-boarded.

The SARF plugin based on best industry standards and integration design patterns, while taking into consideration various Payroll systems that are present at the government agencies.

SARF Plugin achieved the SARF potential for government entities to integrate their individual payroll systems into the SARF. Given the large number of government agencies and the various IT maturity levels they possess, and the diverse solutions and various customizations they might have, SARF Plugin streamline and accelerate the on-boarding process of the agencies into the SARF via an innovative and robust solution that can accommodate the complexity of the integration.



X4SARF Plugin allow repetitive, consistent implementation and deployment of a single robust software component across all agencies increasing the resiliency of the SARF program.
X4SARF Plugin developed utilizing Java Enterprise stack of technologies and libraries with 12 Factor App principles as to maintain loose coupling between the components to address security constraints and flexible deployment option, yet deployable as a lightweight component within single tier as well.
X4SARF plugin provides multiple interfaces options to integrate with the agency’s ERP, it integrates with the SARF via SOAP web services.
The goal of the X4SARF plugin is to transfer payroll data between the SARF Hub and a specific entity ERP as per required frequency, in an online, reliable, and fashion using the customizable formats of the SARF and the corresponding agency’s ERP system.
To Support reliability and guaranteed delivery; asynchronous messaging is supported where sending a message does not require both systems to be up and ready at the same time.
Additionally, where possible, native adapters supported by a messaging interface is also a feature of the solution as to support the same project principle of using the best approach of ERP integration that fits the organization while maintaining the standard SARF communication.
SARF Plugin is a unified lightweight middleware that encapsulates the complexity of the SARF integration interfaces and security requirements, performs technical validations, data mapping, collection of payroll data, and payroll processing notification.



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