The Ministry of Finance has innovated a centralized system, known as SARF, to oversee the financial rights of government employees across all agencies within its budgetary purview. This initiative aims to automate services and improve the operational efficiency and streamline governmental expenditure through enhancing data precision and have centralized database.

What is X4SARF

Xocialive introduced a highly flexible plugin facilitating seamless integration of government agencies' payroll systems with MOF (Ministry of Finance) SARF System through the Government Secured Network (GSN).

Enjoy the flexibility of X4SARF, effortlessly compatible with diverse payroll systems.

Added Value

Overcoming the technical complexities of integrating with SARF system.
Improve efficiency and accelerate the integration process with SARF system.
Providing multiple different adapter tools to govern easy integration regardless of agency payroll system.
No significant changes to your current systems are needed.
Guaranteed precise matching of financial statements between your system and SARF, ensuring accuracy and reliability of your Payroll Operations.


Allowances & Deductions Coding Management module
The Allowances and Deductions Coding Management module ensures uniformity across government agencies by utilizing MOF's standardized coding for payroll elements.
Staff Ladders Management
This module allows agencies to seamlessly add and oversee ladders while aligning them with the corresponding codes provided by MOF.
Payrolls Management
Streamline your payroll processes with this efficient module, encompassing tasks such as reviewing payroll data before sending it, sending payments, managing corrections, and other features—all within a user-friendly platform.
Reports and Dashboards
Access live, real-time dashboards delivering essential statistics and data to upper management. Additionally, detailed reports are available to assist the payroll team in efficiently handling and monitoring their tasks.
Users and Permissions Management
Take control of user accounts through creation or deletion, while also wielding a diverse set of permissions for granting or restricting access. Experience additional features like email-linked alerts and notifications, providing comprehensive control over user interactions and system updates.
Notifications Engine
Delivers essential notifications through available channels as configured.
Data Validation Engine
To mitigate sending failures, X4SARF incorporates a validation engine that ensures payroll data adheres to MOF standards and business rules.


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