Enablement / Rollout / Onboarding Services

Enablement and Rollout specialists are your change management agents that posses strong technical and training expertise that have an answer to every question and concern of your constituents.

In the era of the digitalization, success is mandated not only by technology, but the human factor is an essential part that shall not be omitted.
Rolling out new services require careful and innovative planning at both the technology front, and most importantly enabling our constituents who are an essential part of the service success in order to maximize the benefits and the outcomes of our investments.
The execution of the carefully crafted innovative plans require specialists who are experienced and passionate to see the smile of success at the constitutes and stakeholders faces.



The enablement rollout plans go through multiple phases and activities, here’s a glimpse of such phases;

Pre-rollout Activities
handling workshops to analyze the service and assess its readiness for rollout, defining the rollout approach considering the project nature, preparing plans and report templates (such as rollout plan, communication plan, progress report template, statistics template, …) and developing rollout training materials.
Rollout Activities
applying the selected rollout approach using the best practices, handling workshops and transfer knowledge to the end users, gathering end user's queries, enhancements and feedback, providing on-job support to the end user to measure their understanding of the systems.
Post-rollout Activities
monitoring entities KPI's, analyzing the entities evaluation for the rollout, providing offline support for entities to increase their efficiency with the systems, handling workshops with the development team to apply the suggested enhancements and feedback.